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VG Rishi Infotech Custom eLearning Solutions Company based in Chennai, India. Since 2007, we have been offering high-tech eLearning services to organizations all over the world. Our special and exclusive spotlight is on offering the following services:

  • Customized Courseware for processes and products
  • Customizable Catalogue Courses
  • Translation and Localization
  • Webinars for Sales Training

Our clients get pleasure in the supreme excellence-cost improvement that we offer. Our spirited improvement is a outstanding combination of:

  • Well-built ancestry in teaching and corporate training
  • Top notch excellence throughout tough processes and systems

IT has a vast offshore centre in India that provides to a global clientele. Our development centre honours in a high-tech amenities and a proficient personnel consisting of programmers, IDs, visualizers, e-learning experts, writers and editors who have put an extra effort expansively in the parts of e-learning, product training, sales training, support services, performance and collaboration for numerous companies.

VG Rishi Infotech’s Custom Content Development facility is the favoured associate of various organizations appearing to outsource their content development. Whether you are peeping for customized solutions for delivery via the Internet or on machines, our diverse competencies scoping from instructional design, media asset creation, and programming, joined with a delivery model for on-time, high-quality delivery are matchless.

VG Rishi Infotech has productively taken anytime, anywhere learning to mobile devices. Our complete library of ready-to-use courses in both technical and non-technical areas balances our service contributions and assistance.

VG Rishi Infotech is the most trustworthy and cost efficient partner to develop e-learning solution with a completely incorporated knowledge management system.

Corporate Learning

E-learning is a helpful tool to renovate amorphous information into effectual learning solutions to improve employee efficiency and business presentation in the corporate world. We have the knowledge and skill of producing hours of learning content and have a primary move towards developing e-learning solutions. Apart from end-to-end solutions, we profusely do creation, adaptation and QA work.

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How to Select the Best Web Hosting Company?

How to Select the Best Web Hosting Company?

Choosing out the best web hosting company can be a difficult determination. There are so many companies to pick from, and they all assure endless support, expert support, and lots of space. But taking the time to realize how diverse hosting companies work will make it simple for you to choose one. We have performed this essential pattern to assist you picked the company that will meet all of your requirements.

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